What we are

Diligentstar’s world-class engineering team calls upon a wealth of combined technical experience and skill sets. With our unique depth of knowledge and a broad repertoire of IT competencies, anything is possible. The Diligentstar foundation has been built by a strong team of industry professionals with expertise in mobile technology and solutions. The core focus of Diligentstar is on building world class products and innovative solutions for a rapidly expanding global Mobile Computing market. Diligentstar primarily focuses in the following areas of expertise:

Product Conceptualization and Realization thought Innowaves Framework and Platform

To shorten development cycles and enable its customers to provide first class mobile software products to end users, Diligentstar offers a comprehensive portfolio of mobile and server software components in the form of platforms and frameworks which are platform agnostic and can be assembled in flexible, tailor made combinations with or without reference to existing software designs.

Our expertise in the mobile space spans following application areas:

img  Wireless Internet Security
img  Video & Picture Sharing
img  Interoperability and Instant Messaging Service
img  Integrated Billing Solutions
img  Location based services and GPS mapping solutions
img  Content Management
img  Integrating Enterprise Mobility application with Mobile Phones/PDAs
img  Multimedia and Music Applications
img  Healthcare Mobility for Home Care and Nursing Care
img  Mobile Advertising and Promotions
img  Calling Card Automation Software
img  Entertainment Applications