USSD Gateway


USSD Gateway routes USSD messages from the signaling network to a service application and back. USSD Gateway is based upon the ability of the delivery agent or the source to send and receive USSD messages. USSD is a session-based protocol. USSD messages travel over GSM signaling channels and are used to query information and trigger services. Unlike similar services (SMS and MMS), which are store and forward based, USSD establishes a real time session between mobile handset and application handling the service.


img   Menu management for VAS CP’s
img   Multi-Modal USSD Short-code
img   Dynamic Menu Creation as per user browsing history, maintain history for 7days
img   Scheduler functionality for USSD Push from CP’s
img   DND capability in-built. Additionally, Blacklist and Whitelist to be provided by operator periodically for scrubbing
img   System wide blacklist, whitelist configurable from GUI
img   Session Persistence – enable multiple transactions for user in a single session
img   Configurable session timers on platform provided USSD GW, for USSN and USSR for GW initiated and CP initiated       sessions


Diligentstar’s short message services centre (SMSC) provides the functionality to exchange short messages between SME (Short Message Entity) and mobile terminals like GSM, TDMA, and CDMA. Diligentstar establishes a scalable, reliable, network grade Short Message Service Center, which acts as storage and forwarding center for short messages and supports standards-based SNMP traps for systems management and reporting tools. SMSC is designed to receive the message regardless of whether the mobile terminal is used during the limited period of time.
Diligentstar brings a proven carrier-grade solution that meets stringent operator requirement supporting peer to peer, notification, and premium rate SMS services. Diligentstar’s SMSC supports message storage, routing and administration functions as well. Its graphical user interface provides the operator and customer-care personnel a user-friendly way to perform operation and maintenance tasks. Diligentstar’s SMSC enables operators with heavy short messaging traffic to gracefully handle SMS traffic peaks, expand their SMS throughput, and offer higher service quality to their subscribers. The product has been primarily designed for cost effectiveness and processing efficiency, and supports all core functions of the SMSC specification.


APP SMSC is the core application which accepts the message from different interface like SMPP, HTTP and WEB and terminates the message to end destination over SIGTRAN via STP.

USSD Browser

USSD Browser is an application that offers instant and interactive mobile services to GSM subscribers on any kind of mobile phones, excluding legacy mobile phones. The USSD Browser offers user-friendly navigation through static and dynamic menus and pages displayed on the screen of a mobile phone. Operators can also specify different sets of USSD services for different subscriber types, such as prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

Content Management

Content Management System enables device-independent content delivered over multiple channels. It adds and uses metadata to deliver content for a specific user in a specific context based on user behavioral patterns. Capability to handle versatile content (ringtones, images, Java games, multimedia messages, etc.). Supports all content delivery methods (SMS, MMS, IVR or WAP). Higher revenues due to increase in SMS and USSD traffic, use of WAP content, and system resource lease to third-parties including carriers, service, content and media providers.