Call Management

IVR Solution

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that handles any call volume of your customers. The highly efficient call control mechanism will route the calls based on the user response. The user response will be collected based on DTMF inputs or voice inputs. As per the predefined conditions (business rules), the platform will deliver the best applicable services.


Missed Call Alert or MCA is a lead generation value added service that allows mobile operators to equip the customers with an easy to use call log and notification system, for the calls missed while the called party was unreachable or his mobile device was switched-off. The missed call alert VAS service uses SMS to inform the receiver about the calls Missed whilst they were not reachable, as well as to inform the calling party of the availability of the called party when they are reachable.


Reverse missed call could be defined as a outbound IVR system which dials out pre-defined mobile numbers at regular intervals and stores information of ringing time and disconnect time. Based on this time, it decides a logic like ON or OFF. For example, street light status.

CRBT(Caller ring back tone)

Among the varied portfolio of mobile music offerings, ring back tones have achieved killer application status with mobile subscribers in many markets worldwide. Ring back tones, subscribers replace the ring tone that callers normally hear with a personal choice of music or audio content - bringing a more enjoyable calling experience to their callers.

Keys features are follow:

img  Default / Caller Based/Time Based RBT
img  Content Management/ Category Management
img  Gift/press Star(*) to copy
img  Multilaunguage Support
img  Multiple Interface – IVR / SMS / USSD / Web

Voice Call Completion(VCC)/Auto voice SMS

VCC offers Callers the option to send a Voice SMS message when a call cannot be completed on the same call itself.

Pre-Call Announcement(PCA)

Network based service which allocates a define window to the platform for promotion/communication along with various KPI and real time information, user will get promotion/communication before connecting to dialed B party..

Voice Messaging

Voice messaging is an instant communication technology in which messages are transmitted via voice media. Voice messaging is an alternative to voice calls or text messages. It stores voice messages in a voice mail, which can be accessed via a smart device or even a landline phone

Voice Mail

Voicemail is a digitally recorded message. In recent years, voicemail has become integrated with the Internet, allowing users to receive incoming messages on traditional computers as well as on tablets and mobile phones.

EOCN/PCN (End Of Call Notification/Post Call Notification)

EOCN Network based service which allows platform to know complete event detail including various KPI, initiated by the users and to promote/communicate with the subscribers real time. Offline KPI can be created on basis of real time trigger information and can be used for promotion/communications, user will get event detail along with eligible offer/communication after each event..

OBD (Out Bound Dialer)

OBD solution that supports integration with DARTS for receiving triggers in real time. On receipt of the triggers, the OBD platform shall make out bound calls and play the appropriate announcement to customers. OBD platform shall also have provision to configure business rules and to play dynamic announcements. .

ACM (Advanced Call Manager)

Using Call Manager, a subscriber can manage the incoming calls. Subscriber can block the callers by adding into Block Callers or allow special callers to call at all times by adding in Always Allow Calls. Subscriber can also select and set desired profiles like Meeting, Driving or Busy and more so as to give the caller the right message and to manage the incoming calls. Call Manager Handset application is a Smartphone application for Android that will provide users with complete control of their callers.

Some of The Keys features are follow:

img  Manage Profile
img  Block Callers / Always Allow Calls
img  Schedule Profile
img  Call log
img  Dashboard